Teva Transplant

Our focus

Teva is a leading pharmaceutical company delivering both innovative and generic therapeutics throughout the world. In Transplant, our support goes beyond the provision of cost-effective and high-quality immunosuppressants, to collaboration with the Transplant community to advance science and education and improve patient outcomes. In 2010 Teva Transplant began to build out its portfolio beyond Equoral (ciclosporin) - which was approved in the 90's and has since been available in a limited number of countries - to providing a range of the most important immunosuppressants in Transplantation. Since 2014, Teva Transplant has been developing upon the vision of being a `one-stop shop' for the Transplant community and in addition working to further integrate itself into the community through collaborative projects with groups and organisations such as ESOT, ERA-EDTA and BIODrIM. If you want to know more about Teva in general, please visit


We focus our efforts in order to be a trusted partner.

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